Voice Imaging

When you give me your words to read, you'll hear them come alive. As a voiceover artist (or is it voice-over artist?), I can sound authoritative, friendly, funny, warm, enthusiastic or cool and detached. Hard sell or soft. Depending on your needs, I'm a professional voiceover artist, voiceover talent, narrator, announcer, voice talent or voice actor creating any number of character voices. I'm the distinguished, corporate spokesperson one minute, while in the next I might be a talking bug. Or I can be the guy next door.
Big voices don't always come with big invoices. Check out my pricing page to see how inexpensive I can be!


Not only do we do voice imaging here, we also do production. We work with some of the best producers in the industry to make you sound better! If you have production that needs to be done, let us know. If we can't pull it off, we know the people who can and will send you to them!

One of our close friends is the world famous Sound Lizard. These guys are real friends of Mike Wagner Voice Over. Have a look at their site to see what they can do for you!

Sound Lizard

Speed and Quality

A lot of voice talents offer quality, but at the cost of efficiency. Others offer efficiency, but at the cost of quality. Here at Mike Wagner Voice Over, we offer both! Get your high quality voice overs done in less than 48 hours, and delivered via mp3 download!

Latest news

  • 15May

    Mike Wagner Voice Over launches their brand new website.

What we do

Professional voice overs can be incorporated into a variety of materials. You may want to use them in online, radio, or television advertisements. You might also want them for video game characters. Companies may also engage professional voice-over artists for presentations and telephone messaging services.